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Fri, February 17, 2017

GHOST New Record...New Members?

I've always been a fan of the mystery that surrounds bands like Ghost. Who are they? What are they going to do next? 

I think Metal should always be dark, and Metal should always have mystery. That's what makes it what it is.

During an interview with Metal Wani, A Nameless Ghoul (who Metal Injection outed as Tobias Forge) talked about the new album that Ghost is putting out. That album is rumored to be called "Drenched In Death". Here is what the Nameless Ghoul had to say:

"The ideas for the new record will be quote-unquote darker, because it's thematically set in a different… in a darker setting. Meliora was supposed to reflect some sort of utopia/dystopia in the modern society, whereas this new one is gonna be a little bit more apocalyptic, a little bit more back to the medieval times, which, obviously, is associated with darkness."

Now that sounds interesting. I enjoyed the bright side of Meliora, however I want to see Ghost go darker. I want apocalyptic. I want evil. I want Satanic. I want METAL. 

I hear this arugment often and I'm putting it to rest right here. Ghost is a metal band. If you can't get that through your head, you need to rethink your definition of metal bands. Sure, their last album was poppy and that garnered them both mainstream attention and a grammy, but isn't that a good thing? I mean Papa Emeritus basically wears coprse paint. How much more metal do you want it to be? 

Back to the Tobias Forge, according to Metal Injection, is the mastermind of Ghost. He's the one who dresses up as a Nameless Ghoul and does all the interviews, writes all the music and plays Papa Emeritus on stage. 

I don't know about that, and I"m not going to speculate any further here. 

The other rumor circulating is that if it is Tobias Forge, he has fired all of the other members of Ghost after this last major touring cycle and will be hiring all new members for this upcoming album. Here is the statement:

"It's always a blessing and a curse when you have some of these classic bands over the course of rock and roll history, where in order for them to sound like that exact band, you need those four individuals, and if one is missing, it does not sound like that," he continued. "And, fortunately, we don't have that problem. Because performing GHOST and recording GHOST has never really been the same thing. So that we can preserve our sound; we don't have to rely on… if some people come and go, which is good.Queens of the Stone Age is the same thing. Everything goes through Josh's [Homme] hands, and therefore it sounds like Queens of the Stone Age, regardless of who he brings in and out of the band, which is, I guess, a similar situation."

Well...I"m not sure if that confirms that rumor or not. Hmm.....

Here's the full story from Metal Injection: