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Thu, December 28, 2017

What did Burns listen to?

I'm not a big list guy. I like to choose the music I like based on my opinion, not what others tell me to listen to. Regardless, how is some of the stuff that I cranked this year. It's not ranked and I'm not getting too deep on what they meant to me. One list did that year and I don't think the list was finished before February! Here we go: Ded-Mis-an-Thrope Decapitated-Anticult Dead Cross-Dead Cross Iron Reagan-Crossover Ministry Electric Wizard- Wizard, Bloody Wizard Warbringer-Woe to the Vanquished The Obsessed-Sacred Terror-The Walls will Fall Iron Monkey-9-13 Powertrip-Nightmare Logic Code Orange-Forever Crackhouse-Live Powerflo-Powerflo Life of Agony-A Place Where There is no more Pain Metallica-Master of Puppets deluxe box set Wage War-Deadweight Wednesday 13-Condolences That's just part of the list. Keep it metal in 2018. ~burns~