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Marilyn Manson Streams 'Heaven Upside Down' [AUDIO]

Marilyn Manson never really gave us a release date for his new album "Heaven Upside Down." We randomly got a song and then a tour and the name of the album. We knew it was coming, we just didn't know when. On Friday, Marilyn Manson surprised everyone by dropping his new album "Heaven Upside Down." Stream it below.

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Kaytie's Bio
Hometown: Dale City, Virginia

Birthday: September 26, 1982

People who I share a birthday with: Serena Williams and Olivia Newton John

Why I got into radio: It was a happy accident and I quickly fell in love

Other jobs I've had: I've worked retail, sold furniture, managed a restaurant and was a brick laborer

Hobbies: Painting, writing poetry, playing guitar, hanging out with my pitbull and whatever other creative thing I can be a part of

Strange Phobias:  Weird bumpy stuff or things with a lot of holes in them like honeycomb... I see it and it makes me itch

Favorite Movies:  Oh this is tough... Spaceballs, High Fidelity, Empire Records. Do the Golden Girls count?

Best concerts I've attended: Tool, Green Day, Soundgarden, NIN, BMTH, ADTR, 12 Foot Ninja, Highly Suspect... just to name a few

Random Radio Memory:  It's always hard to pick just one. When I first started in radio in Morgantown, WV., I had the awesome opportunity to interview Aaron Lewis of Staind. I walked onto his tour bus, 19 and total fan girl mode. I sat down to interview him and laughed as he pulled out a big bag of weed and started rolling joints through the entire interview.

Death row meal: Kit Kats and milk

Cartoon character I'd most like to have sex with: Trent Lane... from Daria

Favorite monkey: Proboscis monkey. They have super big noses and its hilarious

If I could have any super power: Flying

Quote:  "Well behaved women rarely make history" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

What I'm listening to:  Islander, Thrice, Highly Suspect, Tech N9ne, Sylar, Parkway Drive... whatever I can get my hands on that gets my head moving

What I'm reading: I have a whole stack of books on my list but currently I am reading "So Let It Be Written" by Mark Eglinton

Where I'd rather be right now: I am exactly where I want to be 
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