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What did Burns listen to?

I'm not a big list guy. I like to choose the music I like based on my opinion, not what others tell me to listen to. Regardless, how is some of the stuff that I cranked this year. It's not ranked and I'm not getting too deep on what they meant to me. One list did that year and I don't think the list was finished before February! Here we go: Ded-Mis-an-Thrope Decapitated-Anticult Dead Cross-Dead Cross Iron Reagan-Crossover Ministry Electric Wizard- Wizard, Bloody Wizard Warbringer-Woe to the Vanquished The Obsessed-Sacred Terror-The Walls will Fall Iron Monkey-9-13 Powertrip-Nightmare Logic Code Orange-Forever Crackhouse-Live Powerflo-Powerflo Life of Agony-A Place Where There is no more Pain Metallica-Master of Puppets deluxe box set Wage War-Deadweight Wednesday 13-Condolences That's just part of the list. Keep it metal in 2018. ~burns~

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Pete Burns's Bio
Name: Pete Burns

Hometown: Allenton, WI

Birthday: November 16

Why I got into radio: Music was the only thing that I felt passionate about.

Other jobs I've had: Warehouse and delivery work.

Hobbies: Organizing my music collection.

Obsessions: Music, music, and music

Strange Phobias: I fear I will die of a brain anuerysm.

Favorite Movies: Goodfellas, Tommy Boy, Happy Gilmore, Taxi Driver, Talladega Nights.

Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Rescue Me, The Shield, Scrubs.

Best concerts I've attended: Pantera, White Zombie, and Trouble - Racine Memorial Hall - August 25, 1992

Death row meal: Hardee's Jalapeno Thickburger, Northern Lights ice cream from Hansens, and a Mr. Pibb.

People say that I look like: My mom told me that they broke the mold when they made me... is that a bad thing?

Cartoon character I'd most like to have sex with: You guys are weird.

Favorite monkey: Even weirder.

Random radio memory: Getting excited when we got our first request when we started the Razor - people were actually listening!

If I could have any super power: I would like to read people's minds.

Quote: She wanted nothing and I delivered.

What I'm listening to: Cause for Revelation, Dax Riggs, Ghost (if you like early Mercyful Fate you'll love this!), Cavalera Conspiracy, metal, metal, and metal!

What I'm watching: Milwaukee Brewers, racing

What I'm reading: I just finished Dave Mustaine's autobiography. Definitely an interesting take on the beginning of the thrash metal scene!

Where I'd rather be right now: Playing with my kids.
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